Soft, Spiral Curls


Experience casual elegance with this stylized lob. It’s blunt cut at the shoulders and lightly layered through the ends, featuring angled, shorter layers in the back and longer layers in the front. The layers are then slightly cut wispy to allow the curls to bounce and spring to their natural formation.

This style works on most facial shapes, and the length of the cut is determined by what you want to emphasize or detract from. Example: if your face is more oval or oblong, consider adding more layers to build the shape out rather than down. Your stylist can recommend the perfect length for you.

As with any naturally curly or textured hair, moisture is always important. To maintain the curls and shine, use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and consider in-salon deep conditioning treatments. Avoid harsh styling products. Often something as simple as two drops of oil is all the product you’ll need.


Mix 2-3 sprays of DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Restoring Oil with 2-3 pumps of DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Curl Cream into hands and apply throughout damp hair. Dry using your hands and a blow dryer with a diffuser to define curls and reduce frizz.


A quick and easy style to create is a low side pony with a twist. Create a side part and, starting at the temple on the opposite side of your part, twist hair down toward the nape of your neck. Pin twisted section in place, then gather it together with the rest of your hair into a low side pony and secure with an elastic. The result is an elegant, curly ponytail that you can wear to work or out for date night.