Soft, Flowing Waves


Bring out the natural body in your hair with this elegant, yet low-maintenance style. The look is created by cutting soft interior layers into the hair, allowing it to have balance and flow. The ends are cut with a wispiness to them to help achieve the loose, natural flowing waves and to help the curls to bounce. This style is accentuated with soft balayage technique to create some dimensional color.

This look is a perfect option for someone with slightly-to-fully wavy hair. It looks best with a slightly longer length to create the weight to hold the curls down. Keep in mind, the longer the hair is the more weighed down the curls will be.

Naturally wavy hair tends to frizz at the ends, but this can be minimized with two fairly simple steps. First is to always keep the hair moisturized. A leave-in moisture-based conditioner will allow the curls to stay formed and bouncy. Conditioning is a much better option for the hair’s health versus using heavy styling products to achieve the curly look. The second step is to maintain regularly scheduled haircuts. Keeping the ends trimmed with help avoid split ends and the frizz that results from split, damaged hair.


Apply 2-3 pumps of DESIGNLINE Dream Mousse into hands and work throughout damp hair. Dry hair using your hands and a dryer with a diffuser to define curls and reduce frizz. Once hair is dry, apply DESIGNLINE Get It Pressed Flat Iron Spray on sections, then create waves with a curling iron. Finish the look with DESIGNLINE Volumizing Spray.


Add some elegance to your flowing waves by creating a half-up braided crown. Part hair down the middle and take a section from the top-front of either side of your hair, braiding each section and securing with a clear elastic. Loosely pull the braids back, having them overlap in the back (sloping toward the nape of your neck rather than straight across) and pinning into place with bobby pins. Be sure to tuck in the ends of each braid so they’re hidden.