Sleek with Face-Framing Fringe


This sleek, face framing haircut is best for fine-to-medium, straight or slightly wavy hair. Slight layers are cut throughout the hair to create soft body, while fringe is cut starting at the chin, blending the length to the ends. The long length and layers allow multiple styling options, from curling-iron waves to a top-knot bun.

This style works well on a variety of facial shapes and hair types. For hair type, straight-to-slightly wavy works best. Too much curl requires too much flat iron work, which isn’t just a time drain but can dry out and damage the hair. For face shapes, the layers around the face can be short or long depending on what needs to be accentuated. Shorter layers work well with round and square shapes, for example.

While this hairstyle is fairly low maintenance, it definitely needs to be trimmed every 6-to-8 weeks to keep the ends from splitting. Split ends are a nightmare for long hair. They cause breakage and create frizziness.


Apply 2-3 pumps of DESIGNLINE Press It Straight Cream into hands and apply throughout towel-dried hair. Using a paddle brush and nozzle blow dryer, dry hair keeping strands as smooth as possible. Once hair is dry, spray DESIGNLINE Hold Everything and run a flat iron just once through hair for a smooth finish.


Who says next-day hair isn’t cute? Using a dry shampoo or texture spray, apply at the root area and work towards the mid-shaft to create some texture and movement. Once this is done, add a fun and sexy top-knot bun.