Sleek with Brow-Skimming Fringe


Go for an edgy look with this sleek cut that features blunt bangs. From the runways of New York to Paris, this style continues to make waves. It brings a youthful energy thanks to its strong fringe and face framing which accentuates eyes and cheeks.

It’s cut with long layers starting just below the chin, while the bangs are cut across the forehead, hitting just beneath the eyebrows. Your stylist may use clippers to create a very sharp line, or a razor for a more wispy look. Wear it very straight or rounded; this style offers a lot of versatility.

This style is great for anyone with a round or square face. It softens and accentuates the cheekbone areas of the face. The fringe will bring attention to beautiful eyes, allowing them to be the main focal point of the look.

One of the best things about this attention-grabbing style is that it works on all hair types. Curly, straight, fine, medium, or coarse, this cut can’t fail.


Spray DESIGNLINE Texture Balance Frizz Primer to damp hair. Using a paddle brush and nozzle blow dryer, dry hair keeping strands as smooth as possible. Once hair is dry, apply 2-3 pumps of DESIGNLINE Texture Balance Infusing Oil all over hair, then run a flat iron just once through hair for a smooth finish.


Add even more drama to this style with a pop of color. Ask your stylist about adding color, like blue, purple, or red, to the bang area. It’s an easy way to add ever more emphasis to this strong look.