Natural Crop


Score one for high style with this textured crop look. The ends are lightly trimmed and slightly point cut with shears to create softness and keep it healthy, and to allow the curls to fall naturally. Keeping a more rounded style adds to the femininity of the look.

This look is fairly low maintenance, but don’t forget that it does need to be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain its shape and to keep the ends from splitting. Once the ends are split, it’s much more likely to become too frizzy. Also in-salon deep conditioning treatments are highly recommended. Keeping your hair nourished is the key to keeping the curls soft and bouncy.

This cut can be used on any facial shape; your stylist will just adjust the length in crown areas depending on shape: up for more rounded shapes and down for more oblong faces.


Apply 2-3 pumps of DESIGNLINE Dream Mousse into hands and work throughout damp hair. Air dry or blow dry. Once hair is completely dry, work DESIGNLINE Whipped Wax throughout hair for shaping and curl definition.


Adding hair accessories can really elevate this hairstyle. Think about pinning in a velvet headband or a floral crown to bring some glamour to your look. This was all the rage during the most recent awards season.