Layered Lob


This versatile, shoulder-grazing cut is perfect for straight-to-slightly-wavy medium length hair. The long bob (or “Lob”) creates an illusion that the front is still long, but the back is shorter and disconnected away from the front. This difference in length can be dramatic or soft depending on how trendy you want to push it.

This version is cut adding layers throughout to remove bulk and promote movement, but it can also have fringe, face-framing pieces, or be just one length. Keep in mind this style can go a number of different ways just by changing up the products and tools you use.

The layered lob continues to be hot due to its versatility and of its security-blanket-like-feel of still having long-to-medium length hair in front in an otherwise “short” haircut.

Although this cut is great for almost all hair types and face shapes, it tends to work best on straight to slightly wavy hair and round or heart shaped faces. The longer front hair helps minimize the roundness of those face shapes, while straighter hair tends to be easier style with this cut.


Distribute a medium amount of DESIGNLINE Expandability Style Thickener throughout towel-dried hair, combing through to ends. Using a vented brush, blow dry until 80% dry, then apply 2-3 sprays of DESIGNLINE Root Boost to the crown. Finish drying and set your style with DESIGNLINE Stand Still Ultimate Finisher.


Create fun, soft waves with the layered lob with a curling wand or iron. Apply volumizing spray while blow drying to create additional body. Then take a triangle section, starting at the front, and wrap around the rod. Alternate the sections like a zig-zag up and down the head (crown area, then lower middle, then crown, then lower, etc.). Run your fingers through to slightly release some of the curls. Finish with a soft, light hold hairspray.