Cascading Layers


Make soft waves a reality with this longer style that can be worn up as a beautiful updo, down with flowing tresses, or back in a casual pony.

It’s cut with layers throughout the mid-lengths and ends, creating softness, movability, flow, and bounce. This is an ideal style for anyone looking to add versatility to their long hair. The soft, flowing layers around the face are kept longer, allowing the hair to be styled with a round brush or curling iron for fuller look.

This longer style works for all facial shapes and hair textures. The layers on the sides of the face can be customized to compliment a wide variety of face shapes, while the lengths and layers are varied depending on hair density and texture. Let your stylist find the right combination for you with the highly sought-after look.


Spray DESIGNLINE Root Boost onto towel-dried hair at roots. Comb through to ends and blow dry. Apply 2-3 drops of DESIGNLINE Silk Drops for shine, and spray DESIGNLINE Texture Tousle Flexible Finish to set style.


This cut is perfect with beachy waves added to it. Add a volumizing mousse to the hair when it’s damp, and then a heat protectant once it’s dried. Then, using a flat iron, ribbon the hair in large sections. (Do not take too small of a section; this will make it too curly.) Run your fingers through for a soft, beachy look.