Sidepart Pompadour


Downtown cool comes easy with this wear-it-your-way men’s cut. The pompadour is a timeless style for younger guys and older men alike. It can be styled as a softer look with clean cut, more blended sides, or on the edgier side with a permanent part.

In this version, the hair is trimmed short on the sides and back. Then, after it’s combed with a side part, the top is comb-and-shears cut to lessen the weight and bulk, leaving the length longer at the top. Creating texture to the crown areas allow the hair to flow easier side to side. Finally, style it parted to the side or straight back for a slick look.

This versatile cut works for most hair textures and facial types. For face shapes, adding height on the top when styling can elongate round face shapes, while more full sides will widen long shapes. For hair texture, the cut can help add manageability and style. For straight hair, some texturizing may be added using a razor or shear. For curly hair, don’t be afraid to use a flat iron to complete the look.


Blowdry and finish with DESIGNLINE Interrupt Texturizing Clay to create shape, add control, and a lot of shine.


Add some highlights to this style to create a new look. Have your stylist use a balayage technique to lighten the tips and add dimension. Whether it’s subtle or heavier, color is definitely the next trend for guys.